My Learning

I enjoy life-long learning related to the following topics: motivation, mindfulness, leadership, empowerment, strategic planning, problem solving, personal responsibility, and of course, visioning and personal transformation.

I have brought together all of my formal and informal learning to this exciting profession called coaching. I want to take you from a place of challenge to new growth within your life and work.


You may chose Christian or secular coaching. But I want you to know, I am a Christian and will be praying for you throughout the coaching process. Personally, I believe I’m just a facilitator and a thought partner. You do have the responsibility to make your own good choices. However, I believe, with God, your transformation becomes more and more possible. We don’t do it alone!

Professional and Academic Experience

My first official life coaching job was working for an Employee Assistance Program as a Counselor and Performance Coach for over 100 organizations.

I hold a Doctorate in Human Resources, also, a Master’s in Counseling.

I went on to become a Facilitative Professor working in Higher Education. I taught Human Resource Management, but my favorite class was a Life-Skills course for those just beginning their academic and emerging-leader careers.

I hold the certificate of Board Certified Coach (BCC). Other Certifications: Leadership & Talent Management Coach, Life Purpose Coach and Made to Change the World Coach.

PleaseĀ contact me to set an appointment and begin to learn more.