Dear Growers,
Your lives, your stories — they matter. They matter to you and they matter to me. I feel fortunate to serve as your personal life coach.

Thank you for putting your trust in me and for calling me your coach. I treasure each of my clients and invite you the reader to their messages.

~ Cheri

Personal Life Coaching

I have been Cheri’s client for over a year.  She has changed my life.  She listened closely to my struggles, and then helped me to be more emotional, to be “real,” to open up to people so that I can relate better to them, to be positive, to record my daily gratitudes, and overall to be a happier person.  Your experience may be different than mine, but whatever journey you are on, Cheri will be your best friend on the trip and ‘have your back.’  Please seek her out as your Life Coach.
~ John W. Creswell, PhD, Academic, Writer, and Life-Long Seeker, Lincoln, Nebraska

Just as a professional gardener can create a beautiful landscape that showcases itself in a front lawn, a professional growth coach can help one find their gifts and their calling to bloom in front of the world. Cheri is masterful at what she does and has earned the title, “The Grow Coach!” I have grown so much from her coaching skills and efforts. In fact, now others are noticing and have asked for her contact information so they can grow as well.
~Kathy Swigle, M.A. Ministry Leader, Celebration Community Church & Life-Purpose Coach/Speaker, Made To Change the World, Denver, Colorado

A few year ago I was going through a very difficult time in my life and I leaned heavily on the peer-coaching relationship that I had with Cheri. She is an exceptional coach with high quality coaching skills. She has the ability to discern a situation and to ask powerful questions to help her client become aware of roadblocks and arrive at solutions. I highly recommend Cheri Maben-Crouch, Ph.D.
~Al Garcia, PCC, Creative Coaching Concepts, Merrillville, Indiana

Cheri saved my life. With the Grow Coach I saw a complete turn around in my life. I’m consistently more happy; have less stress and more money in the bank. I’ve recently been promoted in my work life. I’m now a leader in a retail sales environment. All I can say is Cheri is simply amazing. She has changed my life forever!
~Randy Harrington, Sales Representative, Simpson Furniture, Iowa City, Iowa

Seasoned Professionals Wanting More

When I first met Cheri I was lost. I was operating my business, married, raising a teen (yikes!) and juggling home repairs. I was running on empty. During this season, Cheri encouraged me to finish my life’s story: “Unshackled”. Cheri filled my tank through her encouragement. She harnessed potential I didn’t know I had! Honestly people, we need Cheri. She facilitates the light bulb — the electrical switch in our brains. She sparks you to become clear.  Do not hesitate one-more-day. Call Cheri and breath a sigh of relief. I want to carry Cheri in my pocket.  What an angel.
~Julie Marr-Potter, Owner, Aerial Seven Publishing, Author & Missionary, Sioux City, Iowa

Each time I was scheduled to talk with Cheri, I was so excited. I loved her helpful attitude and cheerful personality. She helped me think outside the box and gain new perspectives. It is so valuable to work with someone who is able to ask good questions when wrestling with the complexities of living life well. Thanks Cheri, for your tender heart and the desire to see others soar!
~Dena Ziebell, Owner, Somerset Photography & Victim Advocate Sex Trafficking, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Thanks for the coaching and the encouragement. Cheri is my partner in helping me think. She is so approachable and kind. With Cheri, I quickly discovered what I wanted and worked toward getting it. I discovered: if you change your situation – even just a little – then comes the solution.
~Connie Gehring, Enterprise Resource Planning, Sabre Industries, Sioux City, Iowa

Individuals on Teams  —  Transformation

We have Cheri, The Grow Coach, meet individually with our employees one-to-one. They work on aspects of their work or life where they would like to see improvements. The content of conversation is kept confidential. Those coached are held accountable toward achieving their goals. Coaching serves as one component of a system to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our organization.
~Lynn Scharn, Executive Director, Health & Wellness, Storm Lake, Iowa

Every ministry leader knows that there are so many things they don’t teach you in seminary. After 25 years in church ministry, I’m aware of the need for a coach to help me process things, stay healthy, and grow as a leader. Cheri’s expertise in the adult learning process and her background in human resources and organizational leadership will make her a priceless resource to leaders who want more for themselves and for the people they lead.
~Steve Garcia, Senior Pastor, Celebration Community Church and Coach at Get Your Business Done! Life & Leadership Coaching, Denver, Colorado.

I have had the pleasure of listening to Cheri as presenter/facilitator. Cheri’s very real compassion and expertise goes beyond all of my expectations for a career coach/counselor. This puts her in a different category in her field. Her message was on point for our organization. We have people out of work and Cheri’s guidance and assistance is second to none. She has truly been a blessing to everyone. Her coaching and motivation to help others is truly amazing.
~Michael Familetti, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Financial & Director Omaha Career Networking, Omaha, Nebraska

Young Professionals — Guidance

Cheri offers me a different perspective on my life and work situations. I am able to move forward positively and be very productive in my work. I always feel comfortable talking to Cheri. She’s The Grow Coach.
~Jami Georgiades, Accounts Receivable Administrator, Storm Lake, Iowa

When I first came to Cheri, I was feeling broken and not truly myself. I was dealing with a dysfunctional work environment. This took an emotional toll. My conversations with Cheri were life altering. Recently I received a promotion in my work life. Now I have a new found confidence. If you want a fresh start, life coaching with Cheri, rockets you straight into your future.  ~Anonymous, Design Industry. 

Cheri has a big heart for people … people of different backgrounds, educations and ages. Cheri helped me get out of a dysfunctional work environment and began by asking great questions. I gained insight into what I really wanted from my work and life. I call Cheri my life coach and would recommend her to anyone.
~Stephanie Beck, Director of Marketing, Cherokee Regional Medical Center, Cherokee, Iowa 

If you’d like to experience life coaching, please contact me at 712-299-2956 to schedule your first complementary session.