What Does Coaching Do?

Coaching serves as one powerful component contributing to personal growth.

Coaching is personal/professional development and so much more.

Coaching is consultations with individuals, (one-to-one), group, or entire organizations.

What Coaching is Not…

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy tends to focus on past experiences. Coaching’s focus is the present and the future; it asks clients to risk something, generally a small change, that can soon transform one’s work or life.

If you’d like to experience coaching, the first session is complimentary.

What is the One-to-One Process?

— life coaching with the tools of deep listening, brainstorming, encouraging, reframing, visioning, goal setting/follow-up + a touch of humor.

What will you receive during coaching?

  • First session to determine good chemistry — complimentary
  • Powerful questions before sessions
  • Scheduled calls on routine basis
  • Email follow-up between calls
  • Just-in-time personal development for your situation
  • Summary notes monthly and/or at the conclusion of a life event
  • Proven experience working with leaders–see Bio